Selling to the CXO Workshops

We Help You Capture C-Level Opportunities

Our workshops bridge the gap between today’s most powerful sales tactics and their practical application. By engaging C-level executives to participate in the CXO Workshops, we enable your senior-level sales staff, using active account opportunities, to see exactly what is required to secure real world strategic wins.

Drawing on the principles of Experiential Learning, every engagement is designed to:

  • Bring together the organizational silos of marketing, product development and field sales with C-level customers;
  • Enable participants to practice presenting your most compelling value propositions to C-level prospects in a risk-free environment;
  • Deliver a customer-focused approach that enables successful migration from product-centric sales to solution-based sales.

In addition to having dedicated time with top prospects, your staff will return to the field with:

  • A deeper understanding of the trends and issues impacting C-level decisions;
  • A working knowledge of what your prospects expect from a Strategic Vendor;
  • Experience in presenting your solutions in the context of the business value they bring to your customers;
  • A definitive action plan for putting this knowledge to work in an active account opportunity.