CXO Forums and Vertical Industry Summits

A gap exists between the establishment of most firms’ marketing strategies, product development cycles, marketing communications and the translation of these into timely and predictable execution of field sales. This is typically the result of increased complexity in the product portfolio that is at odds with the sales executives’ competencies and compensation at many firms. The response among most firms is to incentivize the sales executives to “call higher” at the CIO level and across the rest of the C-Suite. The resulting “gap” creates a lag in sales delivery measured in months, quarters and even years. When this occurs the competitive first mover advantage is often lost.

The Harvard Group enables firms facing similar challenges to identify sales catalysts for their largest revenue, most strategic clients. We deliver targeted business development events convened in an intimate format of 15 to 25 executives at a senior executive to senior executive level that enables:

  • Delivery of a clear message to CXO and V-level client executives;
  • Real-time responses to new solution offerings;
  • Building new relational channels between senior client executives and your firm’s leadership;
  • A call to action for a proof-of-concept offer or RFP.