Market Leaders Rely on The Harvard Group...

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...To Deliver Measurable Results

  • A Fortune 100 client with over $100BB/yr in revenue merged two business units based on the guidance of their THG-managed Advisory Board.
  • The acquisition of multiple firms valued at over $10BB have been tested with THG Advisory Boards to validate the soundness of the marketing strategy, transition process and integration of resources, branding and product portfolios.
  • THG Boards have guided the sourcing of Federal and Department of Defense contracts worth more than $700MM that led to strategic client wins at the DHS, TSA and DOD.
  • The $400MM acquisition of a privately held MDM application client by the largest global ERP provider was validated by their Board and piloted the platform integration strategy.
  • The competitive intelligence secured through a large telecom and wireless service provider’s Board highlighted a direct competitor’s win-back strategy and helped to develop a sales response and marketing message playbook.